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Vision 15 Element Yagi Aerial Group T (OPTY15L)

The Y15FT is a high quality Yagi aerial that has been built for simple, quick installations using a “no-tools” construction with wingnuts for the reflector brackets and mast-clamp. The Y15FT utilises rugged 5mm diameter wire director elements for strength yet low wind loading. These elements are securely staked into the 14mm boom avoiding the use of rivets or screws which can loosen. 
The Y15FT 6-element reflector is designed for excellent front/back ratio using “c” profile elements and braced with moulded ABS stiffeners. The mast clamp is designed to fit 25-50mm (1” to 2”) masts. 
Although a low-cost aerial, Y15FT is fully equipped with a PCB balun, F-connector and is tuned for channels 21-60 to reject 4G-LTE transmissions.  
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