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Blake CLASS 1 8 Way FM/DAB/UHF Distribution Amplifier (BLAAMP28)

Product Description 
One of the best CE/UKCA, Class 1, RED compliant, 4G/5G filtered set back distribution amplifiers on the market. 
Designed to reduce or remove 5G and 4G interference and amplify TV frequencies within the 21-48 band.  
The amplifiers also filter TETRA signals below 400Mhz. 
2 input UHF and VHF also amplifies and triplexes TV (433-698MHz) with FM (88-108MHz) and DAB (220/240MHz) / BAND III 
The UHF input also has 12v DC out to power a masthead amplifier with out extra power units. 
It has 8dB gain, with a one full output 16dB, this is for use with additional amplifiers and gives the ability to daily chain further BLAAMP amplifiers.  
Low noise figures (Typical 1.17dB, middle of band) and uses F type connectors on both inputs and outputs. 
The amplifier is designed for linearity and this allows the ability to handle strong local signals, that may overload the standard amplifier. 
To ensure the lowest noise possible, our amplifiers use a linear power supply and not the cheaper Switch mode transformer, this also helps improve reliability. 
The unit has a screw terminal for 6mm earth cable. 
Technical Specification  
• F Type connectors  
• Number of Outputs 8  
• Number of Inputs 2  
• Internal  
• Built in Power Supply Unit (PSU)  
• RED Class 1  
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