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Wolsey Topaz 3 Input TV/FM/DAB 34dB Gain Amplifier (TRI371002)

Part No.371002  
Frequency range 88-862MHz 
Gain & Flatness  
FM (88-108MHz) 30 dB ± 1 dB 
DAB (217-230MHz) 30 dB ± 1 dB 
UHF1 (470-862MHz) 34 dB ± 2 dB 
Attenuation Range 0~20 dB  
0 / -10dB Output Switch YES 
Rejection at 380MHz from 470MHZ -35 dB 
at 790MHz to 862MHz -18 dB 
at 108MHz to 217MHz -35 dB 
Max. Noise Figure  
FM+DAB 6 dB 
UHF 4 dB 
Max. Output Level ( DIN45004B ) 115 dBìV 
Return Loss 10dB(QC)/12dB(TYP.) 
Switch for 790MHz & 862MHz YES 
Power Supply Unit (Internal) Thermal Fuse on Primary winding 230VAC/50Hz/9W 
Power Supply Indicator light Blue LED 
On/Off Power Output For Preamplifier (With Short Circuit Protection) UHF1 12VDC 0.1A Max. 
Power Output For Preamplifier Overload Indicator light "Green:Normal  
Connectors according to IEC169-24 input F-female 
output F-female 
Test -30dB Port YES 
Nominal impedance input and output 75Ù 
Equipment approval CE/RoHS/WEEE 
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