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The EV5-104A IRS Terrestrial amplifier is designed to be located in a distribution 
point within the apartment. By taking two feeds from the IRS system 
and connecting them directly to the distribution amplifier it enables the 
radio and terrestrial services to be filtered out and sent to four secondary 
SAT1 input comes from the legacy switch and SAT 2 from the dSCR, 
SAT1 output then is connected to the SAT1 side of the Quad outlet plate 
and Sat 2 to SAT2. 
SAT1 has all services which are triplexed out by the plate and SAT 2 only 
carries IF frequencies, the terrestrial frequencies have been filtered off as 
they and directed to the bedroom points. 
 -5, 0, +5dBdB switched Gain 
 Enables easy distribution and balance of signals 
 Insertion Loss Sat <1dB, Terr <4dB 
 Through Current 1 Amp per leg 
 Fully screened housing to reject interference 

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