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NanoKom mast amplifier (LTE700, 2nd Digital Dividend) 
3 inputs: BIII-UHF-FMmix 
Masthead amplifier for the amplification and combination of terrestrial television signals coming from several antennas. 
Equipped with 3 inputs: the signals on the BIII and UHF inputs are amplified, whereas the FM signal is only combined. 
RED compliant 
Equipped with USOS (User Selectable Output Signal) technology: the installer selects the desired output level, which remains stable. The device automatically adjusts gain according to the input signal variation. 
Separate amplification and very low noise figure, thus respecting signal quality 
Ultra-small ergonomic design 
EasyF connection system 
Can be powered in the 12 V-to-24 V range 
Fully automated manufacturing, subject to the most stringent quality controls 
High-screening Zamak chassis 
Main features 
LTE filter to remove mobile phone interference 
ON/OFF switch to allow DC pass towards the UHF input for the powering of a BOSS system 
Easy mounting. Equipped with a plastic tie for mast mounting 
Resistant ABS-plastic orange case for outdoor installation 
• UHF Gain 28dB  
• DAB Gain 18dB  
• FM - 1.5dB 
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