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Televes QBOSS 790 15dB Gain Masthead/Equalizer (TEL561901)

BOSStech products gives the possibility of adding the intelligence of the DAT HD BOSS 790 to any existing antenna. 
Plug & Play devices that automatically adjusts the level of the output signal to guarantee the highest possible quality. 
Product designed for antennas not protected against LTE interference. Apart from automatically adjusting the gain of the DTT band (channels 21-60) it filters output the LTE band. 
Allows the possibility of updating any antenna to perform in an LTE environment. 
Q-BOSS 790 for receptions systems where Ch60 is in service  
Electronic design using the latest component technology (1×0,5 mm) resulting in highly compact products with low power consumption. 
Fully automatic manufacturing process, guaranteeing the highest reliability. 
UHF Band C21-C60 
Frequency range MHz 470-790 
Gain 15dB 
Output level DIN45004B 102dBµV 
AGC range 0-20dB 
Adjusted output level (10 channelsTDT) 85dBµV 
Noise figure 2dB 
Power supply 12-24Vdc  
Current consumption 40mA 
Dimensions (W x H x D) 88 x 79 x 42mm 
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