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8' x 1.5" (18" Stand Off) Alloy 16g 90 Degree Bend Cranked Double Bracket (DIG10S)

• Ideal for Starlink™ installations 
• 2 brackets to wall mount included 
• 90 crank avoids gutters, facias etc. 
• Heavy duty 16 gauge aluminium for added strength 
Introducing the SAT2A-EXT, our 8' x 1.5" (18" Stand Off) 18g 90 Degree Bend Cranked Double Bracket Eaves Mount. This extended version of our popular pole/mast offers even more height and reach for your aerial and satellite installations, providing an efficient and reliable solution for your mounting needs. 
Made from sturdy 1.5" 16 gauge aluminium, the SAT2A-EXT (Double brackets) ensures exceptional strength and longevity, making it a durable and robust choice for heavy-duty applications. 
Key Features: 
• Suitable for Multiple Installations: The SAT2A-EXT is suitable for the installation of both aerial and satellite equipment, catering to a wide range of applications. 
• Unobtrusive Design: With its cranked double bracket eaves mount design, this pole provides an unobtrusive alternative to traditional T and K wall mountings, ensuring a clean and visually appealing installation. 
• Lightweight and Easy to Install: Despite its extended size, the SAT2A-EXT remains light and easy to install, allowing for efficient and hassle-free setup in heavy-duty applications. 
• Adjustable Mounting Brackets: The mounting brackets on the SAT2A-EXT can be easily positioned to suit your specific requirements, offering flexibility and convenience during installation. 
• 18" Stand Off: With an 18-inch stand off, this pole is specifically designed for eaves applications, providing ample clearance for optimal signal reception. 
• Enhanced Strength and Stability: The SAT2A-EXT offers four fixing points per bracket, ensuring maximum strength and stability for your aerial and satellite equipment. 
• Complete Set: Supplied with double brackets and mast, the SAT2A-EXT provides a comprehensive solution for your mounting needs, offering convenience and ease of installation. 
• Starlink™ Compatible: The SAT2A-EXT is fully compatible with Starlink™ satellite systems, ensuring seamless integration and support for your satellite internet needs. 
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