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LOW SMOKE NO HALOGEN WF100 cable CPR Euroclass Dca 
BS EN 50117 
BS EN60332-1 
Mechanical Characteristics 
Construction:Inner Conductor: 1.00mm Plain Annealed Copper 
Dielectric: Foamed Polyethylene Insulation 
Screen: Plain Copper Foil Tape 
Screen: Plain Copper Wire Braid 
Coverage >40% 
Sheath: Various 
Insulation Diameter: 4.80mm (Natural) 
Sheath Diameter: 6.55 + 0.30mm 
Storage/Operating Temperature: -15°C to +70°C 
Minimum Installation Temperature: -5°C 
Standard Reel Lengths: 100m, 250m,500m, custom length available 
Electrical Characteristics 
DC Resistance Inner Conductor: ≤ 26 /km @ 20°C 
DC Resistance Outer Conductor: ≤ 15 /km @ 20°C 
Characteristic Impedance: 75 ± 3Ohm 
Capacitance: 55pF/m (nominal) 
Velocity Ratio: 0.81 
Attenuation (d/B 100m @ 20°C) 
5MHz <1.60 
50MHz <4.60 
100MHz <6.50 
200MHz <9.50 
460MHz <15.0 
860MHz <19.5 
1000MHz <21.5 
1750MHz <29.0 
2400MHz <32.9* 
3000MHz <37.8* 
Return Loss: 
5-470MHz >23 
470-862MHz >20 
862-2150MHz >18 
2150-3000MHz >18 

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