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Fibre Optical Single Click Cleaning Pen Suitable for SC/ST/FC (GLOFSP)

Fibre Optical Single Click Cleaning Pen Suitable for SC/ST/FC 
Fibre optic hygiene is an imperative part of keeping systems running smoothly and efficiently. Professional technicians must implement rigorous fibre optic cleaning procedures to ensure that optical performance remains consistent over time. It is important because even small amounts of dirt or contaminants on the end faces of the fibres can cause significant signal loss, resulting in poor performance or complete failure of communication. 
This cleaning pen is multi-purpose for a range of different connectors and as well as female and male connectors. 
• High performance cleaning device 
• Cleans the exposed ferrules of fibre optic connectors 
• Cleans male and female connections 
• For SC, ST and FC connectors 
• Reusable 
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