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MultiClean™ pre-saturated wipes (GLOFWIPE)

Removes solder paste, flux residues, finger prints, uncured epoxy residues, light oils and grease 
- Economical 
- Water and alcohol mix 
- ESD-safe 
- No rip, no lint, heavy duty wipe 
- Unique “slam-shut” package for extra long service life 
- Pre-saturated Wipe Container 100 - 5” x 8.5” wipes 
Product Information The MultiTask Surface Cleaner - MultiClean™ presaturated wipes provide fast and safe cleaning in almost any production environment. Using a strong, shred-proof disposable wipe saturated with high purity isopropyl alcohol and deionized water, it is well suited for cleaning medical devices, electronics and any surface-that requires hygienic grade cleaning. Versatile, it cleans most solder pastes and fluxes found in electronics production. It also cleans organic and ionic residues, light oils and other contaminants commonly found in the manufacture of medical devices. With excellent materials compatibility it is both safe and easy to use. 
This product is great for cleaning off the gel from loose tube fibre cables and cleaning your hands before working with fibre. 
We have also found it to work well when preparing fibre for Splicing. More cost effective than fibre cleaners.  
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