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Fibre - Professional Tool Kit (FIBRE09)

• High-quality optical power meter, 6 test lengths, can store test data. 
• High-precision cutting, the slide rail can ensure the stability of the cutting knife. 
• Dual-port optical fiber stripping pliers is used to peel the 250um coating layer of 125um optical fibers. 
• Wire stripper with scale, suitable for 2mm, 3mm indoor optical cable peeling. 
• The 210ml squeeze alcohol bottle can be used to clean the fiber head and core. 
• Type: Optical fiber tool set 
• Wire stripper compatible fiber optic cable: for 2mm/3mm indoor optical cable 
• Alcohol bottle ty: 210ml 
• Toolkit size: 24x19x14cm 
Bundle Contents: 
• Optical Power Meter 
• Optical Fiber Red Pen(5mw) 
• Optical Fiber Cutting Knife 
• Dual-port Optical Fiber Stripping Pliers 
• Wire Stripper 
• Alcohol Bottle(210mL)(not include the liquid) 
• Guide Rail Fixed Length Wire Stripper 
• Cutting Knife Storage Bag 
• Pen Lanyard+Ceramic Core 
• SC Adapter 
• Cutting Knife Hexagon Adjusting Tool 
• Optical Fiber Stripping Plier Adjusting Tool 
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