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FRACARRO OPT-TX DT Fibre Optic Transmitter (FROPT-TXDT)

The Fracarro Home Fibre range is a highly innovative solution, designed for its simplicity of installation from the head end to the wall outlet. 
The system uses a conventional LNB and dish assembly requiring no special optical alignment tools. It is capable of carrying all satellite and terrestrial signals through a single 9/125 glass fibre. Additional transmitters can be cascaded using a standard 5 core co-axial back bone giving greater flexibility in system design to supply a large number of outlets. 
- Enables the transfer of signals without loss or degradation over long distances (attenuation 0.3dB/Km) 
- Immune to electrical and environmental interferences and is therefore ideally suited for those particularly difficult installations 
- Enables complex systems with a high number of outlets to be designed easily (1 TX for 128 outlets) 
- Compatible integration with existing coax systems 
- Cascadeable distribution typical of multiswitch topography (tree & branch or star wired) 
- Simplifies cabling due to the extremely small cables and connectors (only 3mm) 
- Use of traditional dish and LNB array 
- No specialised optical alignment equipment required 
The 5mW optical transmitter works in the second optical transmission window (1310nm) and manages the SAT signals - from a traditional LNB and dish combination - including full bandwidth DTT. 
Equipped with automatic gain control (AGC), up to a maximum of 7 transmitters can easily be connected together using the typical cascade distribution infrastructure, serving up to 896 wall outlets per trunk. 
• RF Inputs: 5 (4 SAT + 1TERR) 
• RF Outputs: 7 (4 SAT + 1TERR + 2TEST) 
• Optical output: 1 SC/APC 
SAT Input 
• Bandwidth MHz: 950 - 2150 
• Connectors type: F Female 
• Input Return loss dB: 10 
• Trunk line insertion loss dB: <2 
• Input Level dBuV: 69 - 86 
TV Input 
• Bandwidth MHz: 87 - 862 
• Connectors type: F Female 
• Input Return loss dB: 10 
• Trunk line insertion loss dB: 1 
• Input Level dBuV: 80@10ch 
• Test outputs 
• Bandwidth MHz: 87 - 862 / 950 - 2150 
• Connectors type: F Female 
• Input Return loss dB: 10 
• Test signal level dBuV: 59 
Optical output 
• Connectors type: SC/APC 
• Wavelength nm: 1310 
• Optical power dBm: 7 (5mW) 
• Optical return loss dB: >45 
• Safety class: 1M 
• Mains Vac/Hz: 184 – 264 / 50 - 60 
• Power consumption W: 15 
• LNB remote feeding mA: 200@14V (4 SAT connectors) 
• Operating temperature °C: -5 to +55 
• AGC Dynamics dB: 20 
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