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Wholeband Integrated Reception System (GLOFIRS-ODU32)

Fully weatherproof, the ODU32 is designed for mounting at the antenna location. It accepts & combines 
signals from the Wholeband LNB & digital terrestrial antennae (DTT/DAB). The combined signal is optically 
frequency modulated on to a laser inside the ODU32 & then equally split to 2 optical outputs (FC/PC) for 
distribution through a Passive Optical Network (PON) of FibreIRS Optical Splitters. Each output of the 
ODU32 can feed a PON of 32 points at which any FibreIRS GTU can be connected (Quad, Quatro & DTT/DAB 
- Combines Wholeband LNB and DTT/DAB signals 
- Outputs 2 FibreIRS signals for distribution through 2 x 32 PON 
- Fully weatherproof (IP65) PSU, mast strap and mounting bracket included 
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