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The Fracarro FRPRO EVO HD evolution profiler is a programmable compact high-selectivity 
headend, equipped with an innovative technology, that allows to filter, convert, amplify 
and distribute many DVB-T2/T digital terrestrial multiplexes available in VHF/UHF band with the 
possibility to mix also the FM signal on the output distribution. 
FRPRO EVO HD is a "Flexible" Digital Terrestrial Channels processor that can be used 
to manage TV signals in small, medium or large installations such as Hospitality enviroment. 
Thanks to the output signal auto equalization feature, the compact profiler can also be used in 
the most critical or difficult reception contexts.  
Main Specification 
- Output Signal Perfect Equalization: the FRPRO EVO HD advanced profiler equalizes the TV output signals in 
order to guarantee a perfect stabilized signal in every condition. In this way all the distributed TV programs are 
correctly available in every coaxial system socket. 
- Iso-frequency filtering or TV channels processor: the product can manage and process in a “Matrix way” more 
than 50 independent RF channels with a very high selectivity, especially regarding the adjacent channels. 
- Automatic Gain Control feature: the advanced profiler 
offers an “real time” Automatic Gain Control system for 
each multiplex managed in the VHF/UHF band 
- 4 VHF/UHF programmable inputs and one extra FM input: FRPRO EVO HD is equipped with 5 independent 
inputs: FM input and 4 VHF-UHF inputs with remote 12- 24V selectable power supply for all VHF-UHF inputs 
- Easy, Quick and secure setup: thanks to the display and the three buttons available on the 
front panel, the settings of the Advanced Profiler FRPRO EVO HD is very easy, fast 
and intuitive. In addition, a security PIN code is provided to prevent accidental settings. 
- Auto LTE filtering: each VHF-UHF input is equipped with a high-performance LTE 
filtering that automatically set itself to cut frequencies higher than 790MHz (4G) 
frequency or higher than 700MHz (5G) depending on the digital terrestrial multiplexes 
managed in the VHF-UHF inputs. 
- SD Card slot available: the compact processor is equipped with an SD Card slot for 
saving the configuration or for exporting the parameters to another FRPRO EVO HD 
compact TV headend. 
- Easy and quick maintenence: the power supply can be easily removed on the field and 
can be replaced with another with equal technical characteristics, in order to 
minimizing any service interruption 

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