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Televes Avant 3 5 Filter Programmable Amplifier (TEL532740)

Programmable headend amplifier intended for a wide range of TV distribution networks, either single family or residential buildings. 
Automatic level equalization. 
Independent adjustment of each filter. 
Two configurable inputs(5 filters in total). Each filter can be tunned from Ch21 to Ch 69 ( Ch21 to Ch60 for Ref 532740). Bandwidth of each filter can be programmed between 8 and 40 MHz in BIV (Ch21-Ch30) and between 8 and 56 MHz in BV (Ch31-Ch69), ( Ch31-Ch60 ref 532740). 
VHF Broadband input 174 to 406MHz. 
FM Input. 
Each filter features an input signal LED, showing detection of input RF signal. 
12 Vdc line power to the inputs. 
RF Mix input to combine a second amplifier. 
Configurable by means of controller ref. 7234 or PC Software through serial port. 
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