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Televes Avant9 Basic (FM-VHF-MATV-UHF-UHF) (TEL532001)

The Avant 9 unit is a programmable multiband amplifier, which main mission is to achieve a programmable amplification and balance of different RF input signals. 
UHF inputs: the channels present in these inputs can be filtered and adjusted using up to 10 filters. Each filter can be tuned on any of UHF channel (21 to 60) and its bandwidth can contain up to 7 channels. 
The disposition of these 10 filters is configurable based on the number of channels present on each UHF input. The output level is programmable between 
100 and 115dBµV for one-output options (BASIC and PRO), and between 96 and 111dBµV for two-output options (BASIC SAT and PRO SAT). Furthermore, an equalization slope of up to 5 dB can be programmed at the output. 
You can choose whether to enable an FM input or not. Should this input be enabled, it will be amplified and its output level set to 10dB below the lowest-level UHF channel (taking into account the equalization slope). 
VHF input: a VHF input can also be enabled. But in this case, its signal level will be 3 dB below the lowest-level UHF channel. 
IF input: satellite input can be assigned an attenuation between 0 and 30dB, and an equalization between 0 and 15dB. The LNB can be configured to be REMOTELY (user STB) or LOCALLY powered by enabling the 22kHz tone and configuring the supply voltage value to 13V or 17V. 
Output signal automatic adjustment 
High output power 
Multiple channel / inputs combinations 
Up to 10 programmable filters from 1 to 7 channels 
High adjacent channel rejection (>30dB) 
Two power supply modes on the SAT input: local or remote 
Led displays show both unit and signal status 
Configuration and adjustment using ASuite application for Android or Windows 
Zamak chassis providing high shielding effectiveness 
The product range consists of four references 
New size, more compact and light-weight 
PRO versions include three new functions: 
Self-installation: channel search and self-adjustment 
Signal level and SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) monitoring 
Installation report generating (PDF file) 
Energy-efficient thanks to its low power consumption: up to 25% lower than previous models 
Easy-to-replace power supply 
Three programming options are available for the multiband amplifier: 
App ASuite for PC or tablet / Android smartphone, via USB connection (OTG cable included): The multiband amplifier configuration is performed in a friendly and intuitive environment. A configuration can be defined and stored, even when not connected to the multiband amplifier; this configuration can be retrieved later for installation and adjustment. Furthermore, for PRO versions, the application allows the monitoring of channel quality parameters and the production of an installation report that includes the configuration applied. 
Universal programmer (ref. 7234): The unit is compatible with the programmer, ensuring backwards compatibility. 
Automatic programming by means of the "AUTO-PROGRAMMING" button (press and hold) of the multiband amplifier itself:Thanks to a tuner that is able to detect DVB-T channels for UHF and VHF inputs, the unit performs an automatic programming of the filters when executing this option, as well as the appropriate tuning to avoid intermodulation. 
By pressing the READJUST button (short press), the unit readjusts to the stored configuration values. 
Once tuned, a manual fine tuning on the multiband amplifier to slightly adjust the UHF, VHF and FM filters' gain. 

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