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Triax TMB 2500 Terrestrial Channel Processor (TRITMB2000)

Combines filtering, converting and amplifying of different antenna signals, in a very compact unit. 
The TMB 2000 Terrestrial Channel Processor filters, converts and amplifies multiple antenna signals in a highly compact headend unit. Up to 4 VHF/UHF 
aerials with more than 50 channels and an FM antenna can be connected. Channels are selectively processed into an array of terrestrial broadcast stations, gained and equalised at high levels in order to drive a coaxial MATV distribution network in multi-dwellings and housing blocks. 
Unrivalled flexibility 
• 4 TV antenna inputs for mixing more than 50 VHF and UHF channels 
• Separate FM antenna input 
• Straightforward filtering and channel conversion 
Highest selectivity 
• Low interference between antenna signals 
• Automatic LTE protection (4G/5G) caused by 50dB 
suppression on adjacent channels 
Straightforward and reliable 
• Easy to set up 
• Copy configurations quickly by SD card 
• Input levels readout 
• Real-time AGC 
• Compact size 
• Professional mains adapter 
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