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Fracarro Head amplifier with 4 satellite inputs(FRAMP435SSA)

Head amplifier with 4 satellite inputs, A.B.L.A. technology and output level and slope adjustment. 
Technical Specification 
ABLA technology output level and slope adjustment for each Satellite input. 
Thanks to A.B.L.A. (Automatic Building Level Adjustment) technology, the amplifier maintains the set output level even when the input signal strength varies. 
A.B.L.A. LEDs light up when the automatic output signal adjustment is working properly; if the input level is too low, the LED goes out and the product behaves like a normal fixed-gain Satellite amplifier (36dB). 
High Satellite output level (121dBµV) and excellent separation between inputs (35dB). 
Powered remotely via Satellite 1 (VL), 2 (HL) and 3 (VH) lines or by DC connector on the side of the mechanism. 
DC pass-through on Satellite HH line. 
Voltage passage from DC port downwards protected against overloads and controlled by dip switch located on the side of the mechanism. 
Double power supplyport to offer greater robustness to the system. 
Currentoverload protection on the DC port. 
Ideal for medium and large installations or where there are long distances between multiswitches. 
Easy to install thanks to new trimmers and standard input colouring. 
External power supply PSU1430F (14V, 3A) included in the package 
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