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EuroSwitch 5 inputs - 8 outputs (TEL719503)

Compact and effective for large installations 
Compact multiswitch equipped with 5 inputs (one terrestrial, and the four polarities of one satellite) and 8 user outputs. 
Thanks to its great compactness and its optimized electronic design, it presents very low through and tap losses. This allows to reduce the number of amplifiers needed in the cascade and to obtain a better balanced signal in the users, even in large collective installations. 
Can be used as a terminal (star topology) or as a cascade by using a simple switch. In addition, it incorporates a second switch that actives the TForce technology, which automatically adjusts the terrestrial signal and keep it constant despite variations in the reception. 
RED compliant 
• Very compact in dimensions and weight, even in models with high number of users 
• Very low through and tap losses 
• Great isolation between inputs and outputs 
• Equipped with the TForce technology, the terrestrial output level is automatically adjusted (TERR. AMP. ACTIVE) to the optimal level 
• 10 dB Low Gain (LG) / High Gain (HG) switch for the attenuation of the satellite input signal for each 8-user group 
• Several powering options: From the power supply, from the cascade through the satellite inputs or outputs, or directly from the satellite receiver (RECEIVER POWER ACTIVE) 
• 100% european design, quality, and manufacturing 
Main features 
• High shielding (A class) thanks to its manufacture in Zamak 
• Versatile: selector switch to shift between cascade and terminal modes 
• Low consumption under normal conditions. In addition, ECO mode reduces consumption as the number of connected users decreases 
• Wide 12-18V power supply range, making it compatible with most existing systems 
• Current circulation between all inputs and cascades 
• Input and output colour identification 
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