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Vision Subscriber Power Hub (EV5-1888)

The EV5-1888 IRS Subscriber Power Hub is designed to be used in 
conjunction with the EV5-1801 Subscriber power injector when there 
is No Landlords Power Supply available. 
The Subscriber Power Hub provides a means of extracting 18VDC 
from the SQY Q (SAT 2) feed from the apartment and allowing the 
dSCR and Legacy switches terrestrial circuits and LNB to be powered, 
ensuring that the system remains ON enabling All subscribers to 
access Terrestrial and the desired SKY +HD, Q or Freesat services. 
 LED Power Indicator Green ON 
 Short Circuit Protected LED turns RED auto reset 
 Colour coded inputs / outputs 
 Insertion Loss Sat / Terr <1dB 
 Through Current 2 Amp 
 Fully screened die-cast housing to reject interference 
 Earth bars supplied 
 75 Ohm Impedance 

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