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Vision Trunk Power Hub For dSCR Systems (EV5-1855)

The EV5-1855 IRS Trunk Power Hub is designed to used as power 
injector where the system requires additional current to supply additional 
switches in the system. 
The Trunk Power Hub provides a means of injecting 18VDC In two 
directions with DC isolation to prevent the two power supplies 
conflicting with each other. 
 Connect EV5-034 to input B, Switch in position 2 allows voltage 
to pass up and down the system on the Horizontal trunk lines. 
 Connect EV5-034 to input B, switch in position 1 or 2 switch 
Terrestrial line power on and bi-directional power on terrestrial 
 Connect EV5-034 to input A and switch in position 1: allows 
voltage on all 4 trunk lines down only. 
 Connect EV5-034 to input A and switch in position 2: allows 
voltage on V,Lo & V,Hi trunk lines down only. 
 LED Power Indicator Green ON 
 Short Circuit Protected LED turns RED auto reset 
 Colour coded inputs / outputs 
 Insertion Loss Sat / Terr <1.5dB 
 Through Current 2 Amp 
 Fully screened die-cast housing to reject interference 
 75 Ohm Impedance 

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