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Smart Power Supply Unit – Dual Channel (WHWPSU-SAP2)

The WPSU-SAP1 and WPSU-SAP2 are the world’s first Smart Apartment PSU’s which are used to remotely power IRS systems where no landlords power is present. They are available in 1 and 2 feed versions and are compatible with both legacy and dSCR Set Top Boxes. When connected to a legacy STB, voltage switching commands (13/18V) are relayed by the dynamic PSU. In the absence of STB LNB voltage, the Smart Apartment PSU will provide 14V to maintain the IRS System functional in circumstances when the occupants require TERR services only. 
The Smart Apartment PSU’s can be set back locally near the TV or fitted discretely in an electrical cupboard. 
• 4 Years Warranty 
• Dynamic Dual Channel PSU 
• 22kHz tone and DiSEqC passing 
• Provides 2 x 22W Power @ 14/18V DC 
• Compatible with all Legacy or dSCR Set Top Boxes 
• Compatible with all Legacy and dSCR Multiswitches 
• Can be used as a high power Masthead power supply 
• Ideal for use with the Whyte WSCR504RP remote power dSCR 
Channels: Dual Channel (Dual feed) 
AC Input Voltage: 100 - 240V AC 50/60Hz 
STB Input Voltage <15.5V DC: 14V DC Output 
STB Input Voltage >15.5V DC: 18V DC Output 
Output Wattage: 2 x 22W 
Current Overload Protection: Yes (30W ±10%) 
Use as Masthead PSU: Compatible 
RF Frequency Pass: 87 - 2340MHz 
22kHz Control Tone Pass: Legacy, DiSEqC, SKY UK, EN50607 & EN50494 
RF Through Loss: <1dB 
RF Interfaces: F-Type (Female 75Ω) 
Mains Lead (UK Mains Plug with 3A Fuse): Figure of 8 C13 Cord 1m 
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 116 x 120 x 43 
Weight: 276g 
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