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Optima 32 Output Terrestrial and Satellite Multiswitch(OPMSTSDS32)

- Complete satellite and terrestrial distribution system in a single unit 
- Separate input level controls for each frequency band and satellite polarity 
- Switchable gain (+6dB, 0dB, -6dB) in blocks of 8 outputs to balance subscriber cable lengths 
- Subscriber port polarity selection indicators 
- Switch-mode power supply for reliability and cool running 
- 12V / 100mA power for masthead amplifier 
Up to 100m cable length from dish/LNB to subscriber** 
The TSDS32 is an ideal solution in small blocks of apartments where up to 16 dwellings require Freesat and Sky+HD™. This integrated system has all that is normally required** to provide all 32 outputs with full access to all frequencies. TSDS32 has input level controls to balance signal levels and added switchable gain settings for each bank of 8 outputs. This is ideal where it is necessary to balance long and short subscriber cable runs of up to 100m. 
Each output is equipped with an LED polarity indicator to aid diagnosing reception problems by showing which polarity the receiver is requesting, (red for vertical and green for horizontal), making sure that diagnosing the receiver problems away from the apartment is really easy. Further diagnostic indication is incorporated into the power supply for overload and short circuit protection. 
TSDS32 is designed for professional installation with a Quattro LNB and professional sized dish for reliable long-term reception. 
** May require additional satellite and UHF pre-amplification to suit local conditions. 

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