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Televes 5x24 Cascadable Multswitch Quad/Quattro Compatible (TEL714416)

Cascadable and quad compatible multiswitch, equipped with 5 inputs (one terrestrial, and the four polarities of one satellite) and 24 user outputs. 
Can be used as a terminal (star topology) or as a cascade by using a simple switch. 
12 V power supply (ref. 9916) included 
A 22 kHz tone can be generated, which makes it compatible with any LNB, including QUAD LNB. 
A switch for either powering terrestrial pre-amplifiers or allowing current circulation 
Remote power feeding using VL 
DC circulation from the inputs up 
Active terrestrial 
European design, quality, and manufacturing 
Main features 
Very compact 
Made of zamak 
Input and output colour identification 
Available ECO mode 
Selector switch to shift between cascade and terminal modes 
12 V power supply 
Low power consumption 
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