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Whyte Series D WSCR504RP Remote Powered Switch (WHWSCR504RP)

Whyte Series D WSCR504RP 
The Whyte WSCR504RP is a remote powered dSCR multiswitch designed specifically for installations where no landlords power is available. The WSCR504RP retains all the features and performance of the conventional Series D range of dSCR multiswitches. These performance features easily facilitate the cascading of several units due the low loss trunks, TERR gain control and Pro-Tap. 
Each subscriber output provides SkyQ, Legacy SAT, TV and Radio Services. Satellite subscriber signal levels in both Legacy and dSCR mode are automatically set to 89dBμV via AGC. 
The power is provided remotely via the REC port which powers only that particular port, the trunk and any amplifier, legacy multiswitch or LNB connected. The WSCR504RP can not be powered via the trunk therefore any additional WSCR504RP’s within the system will not be powered and added to the load. This ensures that no individual apartment will experience apartment PSU overload. 
When used with the WPSU-SAP1/SAP2 Smart Apart PSU’s from Whyte, customer support is reduced and customer satisfaction is increased as the IRS system will function correctly irrespective of building occupancy or type of set-top-box (if any) used by the resident. 
• Small Form Factor 
• Features Trunk EQ 
• Comes complete with Earth Bars 
• Remote Powered dSCR Multiswitch 
• 2 SAT Reception using 2x WB LNB’s 
• Switchable 12V supply on TERR input 
• Compatible with Quattro and WB LNB’s 
• High Output Power 89dBμV (AGC) for Legacy / dSCR 
• High Gain TERR with Gain Control & Pro-Tap™ Attenuation Switch 
Frequency Range SAT Quattro \ Wideband: 950 ~ 2150 / 290 ~ 2340MHz 
Frequency Range TERR: 87~790MHz 
Dual Satellite Reception (2x WB LNB): YES 
Trunk Inputs /Outputs (F-Type Female): 4 SAT + 1 TERR 
Tap Outputs (F-Type Female): 4 
Gain SAT: -5dB ~ +25dB (AGC) 
Gain TERR: -5dB ~ +25dB (AGC) 
Gain Control TERR / SAT: 15dB / AGC 
Input Levels Min / Max ~ SAT / TERR: 64 ~ 104dBμV / 52 ~ 102dBμV 
Trunk Through Loss SAT / TERR: <-5dB 
Max Output Level SAT / TERR: 89dBμV (AGC) / 101dBμV 
Protean Tap™ (TERR Attenuation Switch): 0 / -10 / -20dB 
Impedance: 75Ω 
Compatibility (Auto Switching): Legacy / Sky UK /EN50607 / EN50494 
dSCR User Bands Per Port: 16 
Masthead Supply (switchable): 12V DC 100mA 
Power Consumption Min / Max @ 18V: 0.1A / 0.28A 
Supply voltage: 18V DC 
Power via Apartment / Via Trunk: Yes / No 
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