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Fracarro 5 Input SCR Multiswitch (FRSCR583UK)

SCR multiswitch with 4 SAT inputs (VL,HL,VH & HH), 1 TV 
input with LTE filter and 8 output ports which can be used 
either with a traditional legacy decoder or with 3 SCR 
decoders on each port; providing SAT and TV signals for up 
to 24 SCR decoders 
This product has Automatic Gain Control (AGC) at the input 
stage, therefore maintaining a balanced output level even 
when the input levels fluctuate. 
Main Specifications 
- 4 Satellite inputs 
- 1 Passive TV input with built in LTE filter 
- Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Maintains an 
adequate output level (90dBuV) even if the input 
level changes (from 60dBuV to 91dBuV) 
- Low insertion loss: Ideal for cascading several 
SCR multiswitches 
- DC pass on satellite ports: Maximum 
compatibility with all other multiswitches 
- Optional power supply: Useful to supply all the 
other parts of the satellite installation; the product 
is entirely supplied by the decoder 
- 8 OUTPUTS with the possibility to serve 8 traditional 
legacy decoders or 24 SCR decoders (8 ports x 3 
freq. SCR on 8 cables) 
- Auto detection of the SCR standard used by the 
decoder; this function enables the substitution of a 
legacy decoder for one with SCR without any 
intervention during the installation. 
- Compatible with old decoders 
- Low consumption on decoder ports (85mA) 
- Thanks to the legacy support, the multiswitch can still 
be used even if no SCR set-top box has been 
installed. The multiswitch starts up in legacy mode 
and automatically switches to the SCR mode once an 
SCR command is received on its output. This is 
indicated by a flashing LED on that output. 

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