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Triax TMU543C 5X4 SCR Multiswitch (TRI307340)

The TMU Single Cable Multiswitch provides the latest switching 
technology for both Legacy and SCR satellite receivers. 
The capability of each attached satellite receiver is automatically 
detected and compatible ‘Legacy mode’ or ‘SCR mode’ signals 
are transmitted. 
Uniform signal level distribution to each attached satellite 
receiver is ensured through built-in automatic gain control 
Your preferred choice when you want to: 
• Overcome restrictions of a single cable installation 
• Install up to 3 satellite receivers in an apartment when only 
one input cable is available (when used in conjunction with 
the Triax 3 Way Smart Splitter) 
- 1 x PVR and 1 x Legacy receiver 
- 3 x Legacy receivers 
Legacy receiver must be SCR compatible 
Key features: 
• Easy to install. Use existing cable. 
• Automatically detects the capability of the attached satellite 
receiver and provides the correct protocol accordingly. 
All set-up via the satellite receiver only. 
• Fast installation – up to 3 satellite receivers can be 
connected via 3 Way Smart Splitter. 
• Compact design fits neatly into small spaces. 
• LEDs on multiswitch outputs provide verification of correct 
• 1 x passive terrestrial input. 
• 4 subscriber outputs. 
• High output power – controlled via automatic gain control 
• Supports satellite receivers with auto tuning 
• DC input for LNB powering (TMU SCR is powered via STBs) 
• Low investment for the building owner while enhancing the 
viewing experience within apartments. 
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