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9725 SFU dCSS Switch 
Upgrade to Sky Q without changing your existing quadplex wall socket. The 9725 SFU dCSS Switch 
converts a wideband signal to dCSS so you can connect any digital Set-Top box – such as Sky Q, 
Sky+, FreeSat or Freeview – without changing your in-home wall socket 
Designed for Pre-Wired dwellings with Wideband LNBs 
and Terrestrial and Radio antennas 
3 inputs: 2 Satellite cables (Wideband LNB) + 1 Terrestrial cable 
2 outputs with 16 user bands each 
multistandard: EN50494 – EN50607 – SKY – Legacy – Terr. 
supporting New Build Developers and also for Retro-Fitting 
makes all digital platforms available to residents 
upgrade to Sky Q without changing your existing quadplex wall socket 
for indoor use and outdoor use 

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