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Cahors Big BiSat(VIS03BIG)

BIG BISAT is the latest addition to the range SMC. It has been specially developed to 
allow the simultaneous reception of several satellites (up to 6 satellites). Thanks to a 
new generation of refl ector each satellite has the same quality reception. The simple 
design makes installation of BIG BISAT easy and enjoyable. 
Technical Data 
LNB supports 4 supports included 
Antenna width-height 91 cm / 70 cm 
Frequency range 
10.7 – 12.75 GHz 
Multi beam capability 
+/- 20° orbital (total 40°) 
Gain (dB) +/- 20° 36 dB 
beamwidth 2.3° 
G/T (12,5 GHz) 16 dBK 

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