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WyreStorm Express™ HDMI Over Coax with 2-Way IR (50m/164ft) (WYEXP-EX-COAX-50)

The WyreStorm Express™ EXP-EX-COAX-50 is a single cable point to point extender set using copper-core 75Ohm Coax cable to transmit 1080p HD video @60Hz and multi-channel HD audio on cable runs up to 50m (164ft) including wide-band, two-way IR control of both source and display location. 
- Transmits 1080p content to 50m/164ft using single coax cable 
- Bidirectional IR control of source and display 
- EDID and cable distance management encourage device compatibility  
- Enhanced ESD protection and auto feedback/equalization for less interference and increased reliability 
- Single Coax cable extends 1080p HD video @60Hz and multi channel audio transmissions over distances up to 50m (164ft) 
- Automatically adjusts signal feedback, equalization and amplification 
- EDID/Setting DIP switches on transmitter and receiver encourages communication between source/display devices to solve compatibility issues 
- HDMI 1.3 supported 
- Each port supports HDMI or DVI signals 
- HDCP compliant 
- LED indication of device power and video signal status  
- Units contain ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection technology to guard again static build-up that can damage circuitry 
- Wide band, two-way IR control of source from display locations and display from source locations.  
- 24bit colour depth (True Colour) 
- Mounting brackets supplied 
- Lockable BNC connectors 
- IR receiver, emitter and 5v mains power supply included 
- Units can be cascaded by connecting additional transmitters and receivers to further expand distribution 

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