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The Wyrestorm CON-VGA-HD is a VGA video adapter that converts a VGA video input with stereo audio into an HDMI output with a HD resolution of 720p. 
Among the various applications where conversion might be needed, VGA to HDMI conversion it is typically necessary for PCs without an internal HDMI port to output a signal from their computer/laptop to an additional display device such as a TV, video wall or digital projector. The VGA signal is upscaled to HDMI and combined with the seperate stereo audio track within the same HDMI transmission.  
The CON-VGA-HD offers simple plug and play connection, with no setting-up required, and contains hotplug detection to pretect interior circuitry from damage. The unit is also fully HDCP compliant and internally buffers, amplifies and equalises the converted signal to output 720p over distances of up to 15m / 49ft. 
For additional convenience, the unit includes extra VGA and R/L audio outputs and a manual adjustment button should the image need precision adjustment for the display device. 
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