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Ajax Multi Transmitter (AJAX10)

Ajax Multi Transmitter  
Module for connecting wired alarm to Ajax and managing security via the app 
The second life of an old wired alarm 
We understand how difficult it is to decide on a wired alarm upgrade. It is a common situation when your system is still capable of protecting your property but is clearly outdated. Renovating with Ajax doesn't force you to leave behind the current equipment. It gives you a chance to build modern complex security based on existing wired equipment. 
Multi Transmitter is an integration module with 18 wired zones for connecting third-party detectors to the Ajax security system. To protect against dismantling, Multi Transmitter is equipped with two tampers. It is powered from the mains 100–240 V AC, and can also run on a 12 V backup battery. It can supply 12 V power to connected detectors. 
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