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50m 2mp 6-22mm Bullet ICR (TMHD-105-622WVFIR)

2.2MP 1080p 1/3" Sony Exmor CMOS 
6-22mm DC Auto-Iris Lens 
Mechanical IR-Cut Filter (ICR) 
48 IR LEDs up to 50m Night Vision Range 
0 Lux (IR LED on) 
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The TM-105-622 HD WVFIR is a high-end camera using the latest Sony Exmor CMOS sensor giving you an outstanding 2.2MP 1080p Full HD resolution, delivering crystal clear full high-definition images that accurately capture every aspect of any scene both day and night. 
The anti-noise technology gives you a clearer, noise-free image in low-light conditions which drastically reduces storage space and transmission size (pictures high in noise require more storage space). This powerful technology performs a pixel-by-pixel audit of the pictures which checks for any anomalies, thereby rectifying them giving a fantastic Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N Ratio). An example above shows the effect that noise can have as shown on the left image, and with the anti-noise technology reducing that noise on the right image. 
A high quality camera needs a high quality lens. We've chosen an outstanding 6-22mm Varifocal lens. Additionally, the Varifocal lens allows you to adjust the zoom and focus. 
A disadvantage for a camera which is used outdoors is that it will lose the natural day colour as it will pick up the IR emitted from the Sun. As a result, we've developed a mechanical IR-Cut Filter (ICR) which filters out the infra-red daylight to give you a natural daylight colour. When the illumination lowers, the ICR will automatically open allowing more light to enter so that you have total night vision. 
Enclosed in a Vandal Resistant and weatherproof housing, the camera can be used indoors or outdoors. 
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