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8-Channel 2.2MP Real-time Digital Video Recorder (TMHD-408 HD)

8-Channel 2.2MP Real-time Digital Video Recorder 
H.264 8-Channel 2.2MP Real-time 
Hybrid DVR + 1x IP Cameras 
Full HD 1080p HDMI 
1x S-ATA (1x HDD) 
P2P Technology - Watch on your phone instantly 
CMS & Web Client 
iPhone, iPad & Android Mobile apps available 
USB backup 
The TM-408 HD is a professional performing 2.2MP AHD DVR featuring the advanced video compression H.264 to deliver brilliant, crisp picture quality whilst using less bandwidth and hard drive storage, producing pristine video quality during playback at optimum settings. 
Unlike most entry level DVRs which only support CIF (a low resolution compression quality), the TM-408 HD supports full 1.3MP/960H/D1 real-time resolution on all channels/cameras at up to 25 frames per second (fps) or 12fps at 2.2MP 1080p which is found in high-end DVRs. This ensures that the quality of recordings is as close to watching the camera's live video. Furthermore, the recording resolution and frame rate can be lowered to save hard drive space if desired. 
This DVR is compatible with 2.2MP & 1.3MP AHD cameras as well as standard cameras such as 1300TVL, 700TVL, etc. 
We have designed a menu system which is fast and easy-to-use, having preset or advanced options which can be configured for your cameras optimum settings as well as your desired settings. Furthermore, the initial Start-up Wizard makes setting up your DVR easier than ever having all the necessary configurations which need to be edited/adjusted/confirmed in a simple wizard. This gets you up and running faster than ever. 
Using the Superlive application available on: iPhone, iPad & Android Mobile, you can view, control and configure everything in your DVR, anywhere in the world so that when you are away, you will always have peace-of-mind. Just like your DVR, you can view all cameras live as well as view recorded videos using the Time Search function. It is essentially a pocket sized version of your DVR. 
You can set up your DVR to e-mail your mobile phone or PC if there is an alert, such as video loss, hard drive full, disconnection, motion/intruder detection...and more. The e-mail will include time lapse photos to show you what caused the alert with a link to watch the video recording of the alert including pre and post alert (showing 5 seconds before the event happened, during and a configurable amount of time after the event occurred. 
If you have a microphone in a camera, you can listen to it with the Superlive application. Furthermore, depending on your equipment, you can also do 2-way talkback. If you have PTZ cameras, you can also control them in the Superlive application as well as in the CMS, both locally and remotely without the need for a keypad. 
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