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4-Channel Network Video Recorder (TM-704 NVR 4POE)

4-Channel Network Video Recorder 
4-Channel H.265+ NVR 
1x S-ATA HDD up to 6TB 
4 POE Built-in 
Independent HDMI & VGA Ports to show different cameras/menus on two screens 
40Mbps Incoming / 80Mbps Outgoing 
The TM-704 NVR 4POE is a high-end, professional performing NVR based on Technomate's leading H.265+ alogorithim to deliver brilliant, crisp video quality at up to a quarter of the bandwidth of H.264 whilst still maintaining crystal clear video. This results in a 5MP camera using about the same hard drive storage space as a 1MP camera, whilst maintaining the high image quality of a 5MP camera; and an 8MP using about the same storage space as a 1.3MP camera. 
It supports full 1440p and 1080p real-time recording resolution on all channels/cameras at up to 25 frames per second (fps). 
By having independent HDMI and VGA ports, you can display different cameras on HDMI and VGA so that, for example, your back office could show all the cameras but your front of store could show only certain cameras. Furthermore, each video output has independent menu control so that you could check your recordings playback on one screen whilst the other is still showing the cameras, ensuring privacy to your data. 
We have designed a menu system which is fast and easy-to-use, having preset or advanced options which can be configured for your cameras optimum settings as well as your desired settings. Furthermore, the initial Start-up Wizard makes setting up your NVR easier than ever having all the necessary configurations which need to be edited/adjusted/confirmed in a simple wizard. This gets you up and running faster than ever. 
Using the TMconnect application available on: iPhone & Android, you can view, control and configure your NVR anywhere in the world so that when you are away, you will always have peace-of-mind. Just like your NVR, you can view all cameras live as well as view recorded videos using the Time Search function. It is essentially a pocket sized version of your NVR. 
You can set up your NVR to e-mail your mobile phone or PC if there is an alert, such as video loss, hard drive full, disconnection, motion/intruder detection...and more. 
The vibrant and high quality 4K UHD HDMI output give outstanding picture quality to show you every detail as it should be. 
The NVR is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Windows and MAC. 
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