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TV / SAT Power Tester (V18-310)

Innovative tester will assist professional installers of domestic TV and satellite systems, commercial and communal IRS, CATV and MATV. 
Simultaneously measure the DC voltage (30v Max) and DC current (10A max) passing through a 75 ohm coaxial cable. It will also simultaneously indicate if a 22kHz signal is present on the coax cable in satellite 
systems connected to: legacy satellite receivers SKY+, Sky+HD, Sky Q, Freesat, Freesat HD, dSCR, SCR and DiSEq installations etc. 
IMPORTANT: The V18-310 TV/ SAT Power Tester requires a PP3 (6LR61, MN1604) 9V battery and the press to test button operated to make accurate current 
measurements, but for convenience, it will indicate an approximate current value when line powered and/or the press to test button is not operated. 
The V18-310 TV/SAT Power Tester will pass RF frequencies with minimal attenuation so that voltage and current measurements can be made while operating TV and satellite equipment. 
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