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Wire Tracker, ELEGIANT RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester Line Finder Multifunction Wire Tracker Toner Ethernet LAN Network Cable Tester (TOO01)

ELEGIANT FWT11 RJ11 RJ45 Wire Tracker Cable Tester 
This instrument is a multi-functional handheld cable testing tool. Work perfect when RJ11 RJ45 cable is on power. It has a wide application with reinforced cable types and multiple functions. It is a necessary testing tool for telecommunication engineering, wiring engineering, and network maintenance personnel. 
Tracer function: The tracer function is it can help you quickly find the line pairs in many pairs, this instrument is suitable for RJ45 interface internet cable, RJ11 interface telephone line, for other metal wire hunt through the adapter. 
Line function: The line detection is on the line of the open, shorted, wrong, reverse the physical connection detection, cable type for enhanced, multi-function, a wide range of use. 
Line-level or positive and negative polarity detection: The DC level of the line or positive and negative polarity detection, only the transmitter can be detected. 
Telephone line test: The work of the telephone line of the detection of various states, only the transmitter can be detected, such as determining TIP or PING line, to determine the work of the telephone line idle, ringing and off-hook state. 
Wire off (path) detection: Cable use type enhancement, multi-function, wide range of use, can detect the status of line connectivity. 
Package Contents 
1 x FWT11 Emitter 
1 x FWT11 Receiver 
1 x RJ11 with Clip Adapter Cable 
1 x RJ45 Adapter Cable 
1 x User Manual 
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