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Proception 4-way IR extender cable kit (BLAPROIRME4)

PROIRME4: Hide your source devices away but keep your IR control of them - even behind closed cupboard doors! 
The PROIRME4 IR extender cable enables you to extend the operation of a DVD or STB type of equipment’s infrared signal to greater distance/range. This allows you to operate your video recorder, stereo system, receiver, DVR, BLUray, etc. located behind the closed doors of a TV stand, A/V cabinet, or cupboard! 
Enables remote control (IR) of up to four Audio/Video (AV) devices that are located behind closed doors, in cabinets or behind walls.  
Very simple to install and use. 
Powered from either TV USB connector or separate PSU (not supplied). 
Long cable lengths allow AV source devices to be placed up to 3 meters from the remote control (IR) receiver. 
Adhesive pads on each of the four emitters allow easy attachment to AV devices. 
Simple , effective and clever solution to keep your customers delighted! 
Connect the 5V input power source from the USB connector to a DC Adapter or the TV USB port 
Position the Infra-Red Signal Transmitter on the IR pick-up window on your DVD video recorder; stereo system, receiver or STB, etc. 
Point the existing DVD, video recorder, stereo system, receiver, STB, remote control at the IR Receiver.  
Power Supply: The 5V input power source is supplied by DC Adapter or from the USB output of TV. 
Infra-Red Receiver: Receives the signal from the remote control IR signal of DVD/STB etc. 
Infra-Red Blaster: Transmits the IR signal to the relevant remote control. 
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