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NEW Intuitive navigation system with direct access to functions. 
Exclusive patented ROVER AUTODISCOVERY system: auto-matically detects and selects analog and digital COFDM/QAM TV signals in both measurement and spectrum mode. 
Automatically identifies all the signals with digital modulation SAT, TV and CATV. 
Automatic Assistant: Signal Quality analysis, Channel Scan memorization. 
Barscan TV & CATV function from 10 to 100 channels on one screen. 
Buzzer & Noise Margin real time graph for digital signals microinterruptions. 
Reflectometric measurements APP. 
Optical Input (opt.). 
Wi-Fi Analyzer (opt.). 
HEVC H265 decoder (opt.). 
SATELITE: DiSEqC, SCR & dCSS commands, SAT FINDER & SAT EXPERT Functions. 
Custom Channel Plans: 25 (199 ch. per plan), Programmable TV, SAT (or combined TV/SAT) by PC or Local Keyboard. 
Loggers: TV, SAT & combined with stop & go function. 
SAT Memory Plan: More than 2.000 transponders prememorized for world wide Satellite. 
Free SMART PC interface program and FW upgrades. 
Frequency Range: TV Tuner & CATV extended band 4-1250 MHz; 
SAT TUNER extended band 930-2610 MHz; GSM extended band 860-1000 MHz for telephone repeater installations; 
Wide Band: 230-2610 MHz; 
Frequency Resolution: TV & CATV: 25 KHz; SAT: 5 MHz; 
Power Range Meas.: TV from 5 to 115 dBμV, SAT from 30 to 105 dBμV; 
Digital Meas: Digital Power, MER (36 to 40 dB max depending on modulation), BER, PER, LDPC, BCH, Noise Margin, MER versus CARRIER; 
Measurement Resolution: 0.1 dB; 
Level Measurement Accuracy: 1 dB typ. (2 dB max.); 
Resolution Filter Bandwidth: TV & CATV: 100 KHz @ -3 dB; SAT: 1 MHz @ -3 dB; 
Constellation: for TV/CATV and SAT signals; 
Spectrum: Fast spectrum, Max Hold and spectrum memorization with real time compare function; 
Net-id on board: Net-id, NID, TSID, LCN, SAT Orbit Position; 
Echoes, Pre-echoes, Micro-echoes: Representation in real Time; 
Quality: Digital Auto quality Test: PASS-MARGINAL-FAIL; 
Digital Pictures: MPEG2-4 SD & HD, HEVC (opt.) pictures with Program List, Audio Video PIDs, LCN, Video bit Rate all on one screen; 
Audio: AAC supplied, DOLBY AC3 DD+ (opt.). 
Maximum Ingress Power: 5 dBm; 
SC input connector; 
Automatic loss calculation; 
Wavelengths (nm): 1310, 1490, 1550; 
Range: -25 to +6 dBm; 
Resolution: 0.1 dB; 
Accuracy: +/- 0.5 dB; 
Optical to RF conversion: SAT, TV & CATV Measurements and Spectrum. 
RF Input : 75 ohm (interchangeable “F”); 
SC Optic Ingress (opz.); 
USB 2.0: Type B (PC Interface), Type B (for Memory stick); 
Composite Video Input; 
HDMI: Images output & OSD; 
WIFI: 2,4 & 5,0 GHz Analyzer. 
7” TFT TOUCH display: 16:9 high resolution and high brightness; 
DC voltage at RF input: 5 – 12 – 18 & 24 VDC; 
DiSEqC, SCR & dCSS commands; 
PC Interface: USB-B; 
Front-Panel: Alpha numeric keypad + Multifunction Encoder; 
Power Save: TFT backlight timer, brightness adj; 
PC Management: SMART software; 
Power Supply: Built in LiPo battery with 2 to 4 hours duration (depending on the function) & Battery Test function; 
Battery: Integrated lithium polymers from 2 to 4 hours of duration (depending on the function) and BATTERY TEST function; 
Battery door: removable battery door for quick and easy replacement without the need for assistance; 
Weight: only 1,8 Kg; 
Size: H 27,0 x W 15,5 x D 4,0 cm (meter only); 
Aluminium and Steel Housing; 
Elite bag with extra padding and storage pocket. 
Optic Ingress (HW). 
Decoding HEVC H265 images (HW); 
Wi-Fi Analyzer (HW); 
Dolby Audio AC3 DD+ (SW); 
TS Recorder (SW); 
FM Radio & TV Analogic (HW); 
DAB & DAB+ (HW). 
All technical features can change without notice; 
Some options (APP) must be requested when ordering the instrument; 
The screens and the texts of the relative MENU, can change without notice from model to model and according to the SW version installed; 
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