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The SatPal™ Controller, together with the SatPal™ app, is an all-in-one antenna installation tool, allowing installers and DTH operators to control the quality of their antenna installations. It includes a Sat Finder, a professional grade Sat Meter and a unique installation wizard that generates comprehensive reports with a click of a button. 
The Sat Finder feature is location-based (GPS) and helps the installer quickly identify the dish alignment direction with the exact azimuth and elevation angles for the dish as well as the tilt angle for the LNB. The Sat Meter includes a realtime spectrum analyzer and allows professional measurements of signal strength and quality, MER, BER, PER, C/N and link margin. There is also a buzzer to further help optimizing the reception performance based on signal level and signal quality. 
The simple Install & Report wizard generates a comprehensive report in various formats including the installer's contact details, installation location including a map, an inventory list with model numbers and serial numbers of the equipment that was installed (scanned or manually input), photos of the installation and measurement data of all the received transponders, which the installer can email with a click and maintain full traceability of all their field installations. 
In addition, the SatPal™ Controller functions as a programmer for Inverto’s Unicable II™ LNB’s and multiswitches. The SatPal™app allows the installer to create configuration files and upload them to the devices, for example, when there is a change in the transponder line up of an operator or MDU installation using dCSS LNBs in Static mode. The configuration files can be stored locally on the smartphone, on the cloud or in the SatPal™ Controller's memory to be transmitted from it directly by pressing a button. The app also allows firmware upgrades and access to diagnosis information stored on Unicable II™ devices. 
All features packed into an affordable, small and handy tool, the SatPal™ solution guarantees increased productivity for installers 
and a significant reduction of cost of service for operators. 
SatPal™ app on iTunes store 
SatPal™ app on Google Play store 
Key features: 
SatPal™ iOS and Android apps + SatPal™ Controller 
Sat Finder and dish alignment tool with location guidance (GPS-based) 
Satellite meter with real-time spectrum analyzer measuring MER, output level, C/N, link margin, BER and PER 
Working with Universal or Unicable™/dCSS (EN50494/EN50607) LNBs 
Installation report generator including location, installer’s details, signal measurements, inventory list and photos 
Unicable II™/dCSS programmer and diagnosis tool* 
Powered by battery, STB or AC/DC adapter 
Lightweight, mobile solution 
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